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Gingerbred Havanese is a small home kennel located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, about 25 minutes from the Mall of America, 5 minutes from Ridgedale. We strive to breed Havanese according to the AKC standard. We do all health testing, actually more than the national club recommends, and breed only AKC Champion parents. Socialization is something we take very seriously, and include committed puppy buyers in this process. Because we believe a house is not a home without a dog (or 2 or 3), our dogs live together with us and sleep with us. They keep our home happy and full of love. Sometimes you can hear us laughing at our dog’s antics from outside the home! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We now have Russian Toy Dogs, thanks to the urgings of sister, Beth.  Read my blog page to get my history with Beth, and Frida!  No, we are not a puppy mill, we just have 2 very well loved breeds.

Please see the FOR YOUR DOG’S HEALTH PAGE for recommendations on food and supplements that will support your dog to have a long happy healthy life.

gillie dolly taylor gingerbred havanese

Dolly, Gillie and Taylor Gingerbred Havanese
To see more of these three lovely girls
visit our girls page

Gingerbred Havanese puppies

Gingerbred Havanese Puppies
Don’t ya just want to kiss them all over!

Gingerbred Havanese & Mastiff Friend
This is my foundation girl “CH. Starkette Gingerbred Galina” (Gillie)
with her best friend “Superior Master Nigel” (Nigel)
Gillie crossed the rainbow bridge just weeks shy of her 16th birthday. We are blessed to have
her grand children and great grand children who are also finished champions.

Gillie passed over the rainbow bridge just 5 weeks shy of her 16th birthday.


I am a proud member of, and served on the 2009 National Specialty committee as asst Show Chair for the Havanese Club of America. I am also the Show Chair for 2010 & 2012 & 2014 and now serve on the HCA Ways and Means committee.

Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association

I am a member of, and have served on the Board as President, Membership Chair, and Director of Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association. Someone kick me….I am President for 2015 again!

I have also joined  the North Star Toy Club.

North Star Havanese Club

I am a member of:

and past Ways and

Means Chair,  Vice President,  President, &  2008

Regional Show Chair for North Star Havanese Club.

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